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ʫ ̫ɿ Microsome Ү ATPase Gm^(++), Ca^(++), Na^(+) K^(+)

The influence of Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium Ion on the Adenosintriphosphatase activity of heart and skeletal microsomal fraction of rabbits

Ѿฮ 1966 2 1ȣ p.31 ~ 40
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The microsomal fraction is isolated from rabbit heart and skeletal muscle. The fraction is found to contain the Na^(+)-and K^(+)-activated ATPase. The maximal ATPase activity is obtained in Na^(+) and K^(+) concentration of 100 mM.
Calcium itself stimulates the Na^(+)-and K^(+)-activated portion of ATPase in the presence of Mg^(++). However, calcium does not stimulate ATPase in the absence of Mg^(++).