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Efffects of Adrenergic Agents and Adrenergic Blocking Agents on the Phosphorylase Activity of Rabbit Skeletal Muscle

Ѿฮ 1970 6 2ȣ p.21 ~ 30
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The phosphorylase activation after adrenergic agents administration and the relative abilities of several adrenergic blocking agents to block adrenergic agents induced phosphorylase activation in skeletal muscle was studied in rabbits. The results were as follows.
1) The phosphorylase activity of skeletal muscle was activated by the adrenergic agent such as epinephrine, norepinephrine, isoproterenol and quinterenol.
2) The phosphorylase activity was slightly stimulated by adrenergic alpha-receptor blocking agent such as phentolamine and phenoxybenzamine, but slightly inhibited by adrenergic beta-receptor blocking agents such as DCI, Pronethalol and Propranolol.
3) Skeletal phosphorylase activation by adrenergic agents was blocked by the administration of adrenergic beta-blocking agents such as Propranolol, but not blocked by adrenergic alpha-blocking agents such as Phentolamine and Phenoxybenzamine.