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(Eurytrema Pancreaticum) ϼ

Histochemical Studies on Eurytrema Pancreaticum

ȸ 1963 6 12ȣ p.1259 ~ 1264
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1) The author observed distribution of the various substances and fine constructure of adult body of the Eurytrema pancreaticum using histochcmica1 methods. Furthermore we compared them with that of clonorchis sinensis the living environment of which is similar witll eurytrema.
2) The adult of Eurytrema pancreaticum are obtained at the Seoul butchery. The experimental methods use were PAS reaction, Bestcarmin stain, Feulgen stain, Unnapappenheim stain, Erickson stain, Smyth method and Potyphenoloxidas creaction,
3) The findings observed were as follows.
Polyphenoloxidase was recognized only in vitellaria of both Eurytrema & clonorchis.
Glycogell was profusely observed at subcuticlereticular tissue, sucker, intestine, uterus. ovary,testis, cirrus sac, eggs in uterus. Noliciably glycogenwas not recognized in the esophagus, intestinal lumenand ground substance of vitellaria. On the centralyglycogen was most profusely observed in the vitellariaof Clonorchis sinenses.
RNA and DNA RNA was recognized in the vitellaria, reticulafissucovary, testis, uterus, cirrus sac, sucker, esophagus and intestinal wall.
DNA was distributed in the muscle of above mentioned cells. This finding was similarly observed in Clonorchis silensis.