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Effect of Prolonged Heat Exposure on Serum Glutamic Oxaloacetic and Glutamic Pyruvic Transaminase Activities of Rats

ѱȸ 1974 17 3ȣ p.131 ~ 138
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ֿ ( Choi Yun-Kwun ) - б а
 ( Nam Sang-Yul ) - б а


Sprague-Dawley ͧ 㸦 $30\\pm 0.5^\\circ C$ 240 ׸ $33\\pm 0.5^\\circ C$ 64 ڽ, Ѣ ϡ glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase (GOT) glutamic pyruvic transaminase (GPT) Reitman Frankel (1957) ۰ ؼ Coleman-Model 295E Spectrophotometerμ 550m$\\mu$ Ͽ. $23\\pm 1^\\circ C$ ؿ Ͽ , $30\\pm 0.5^\\circ C$ $33\\pm 0.5^\\circ C$ ڵ GOT GPT ְ ߾㰵Ǿ. ٸ ڵ GOT 16 30 ϡ鿡 64 72 ϡ鿡 ְ ߾㰵Ǿ. $30\\pm 0.5^\\circ C$ 72 GOT ǵư Ÿ. ٸ ڵ GPTdml Ѣ 4ϡ ְ ߾㰵Ǿ, ̾ 16ϡ 64 72 ϡ鿡 ߾㰵Ǿ. $30\\pm 0.5^\\circ C$ 114 ణ ʥϴ Ÿ. $30\\pm 0.5^\\circ C$ $33\\pm 0.5^\\circ C$ ڵ Ͽ , $33\\pm 0.5^\\circ C$ ڵ GOT GPT 16, 30 64ϡ ְ Ÿ. ̷ ̿ ̷ ֧ ڴ ު ƹ̳ ϴ ȴ.

Sera from male Spague-Dawley rats, exposed to $30\\pm 0.5^\\circ C$ for 240 hours or $33\\pm 0.5^\\circ C$ for 64 hours, were assayed for the activities of serum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase(SGOT) and serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase(SGPT) at various time during the heat exposure. 1. When compared to control animals maintained at $23\\pm 1^\\circ C$, the animals exposed to $30\\pm 0.5^\\circ C$ ro $33\\pm 0.5^\\circ C$ showed a significant increase in SGOT and SGPT activities, 2. The SGOT activity incressed at 16 and 72 hours after the exposure to $30^\\circ C$, and at 30 and 64 hours after the exposure to $33^\\circ C$. After 72 hours, the activity returned to the initial value in case of $30^\\circ C$ exposure. 3. The SGPT activity increased significantly as early as 4 hours after the exposure to $30^\\circ C$ or $33^\\circ C$. It was also high at 16 hours after the exposure. The activity was also high at 72 hours and at 64 hours after the exposure to $30^\\circ C$ and $33^\\circ C$ respectively. After 144 hours, SGPT level increased slightly in the case of $30^\\circ C$ exposure. 4. The activities of SGOT and SGPT were significantly higher in rats exposed to $33^\\circ C$ at 16, 30, and 64 hours than those exposed to $30^\\circ C$. 5. It may be inferred from above data that the prolonged heat exposed rat has the abnormal metabolism of transamination.