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Chemotherapy in Reticulosarcoma and Hepatoma

λǴ 1963 3 2ȣ p.445 ~ 450
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One reticulosarcoma case, male 56 years of age, was treated with actinomycin C and the other reticulosarcoma case, male 71 years of age, was treated with TEM (Triethylene roelamine),the diagnosis being established in each by the histological examination of the tumor.
One patient with hepatocellular hepatoma, 49 years of age, was treated with TEM and Mitomycin, the diagnosis also being established by the peritoneoscopical and histological examination of the liver tissue.
No improvements were noted from the actinomycin C medication in the 1st case, but marked decrease in the tumor size and disappearance of swallowing disturbances could be obtain d in the 2nd case. However, due to severe leucopenia, anemia and general malaise through the TEM and Mitomycin medication, the treatment could not be continued.
The combined therapy with TEM and Mitomycin in hepatoma seemed to bring about temporary amelioration of general condition and the inhibition of the growth rate of the tumor, but also the progressing leucopenia and general weakness made the treatment to be discontinued.