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Action of Beta Adrenergic Blockades on the Isolated Frog Heart

λǴ 1969 9 1ȣ p.230 ~ 244
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The authors studied the action of adrenergic activators and beta adrencigic blockades on the isolated frog heart and obtained the following results:
1. Isoproterenol, adrenaline and noradrenalire prcduced increase in the contraction and the rate of
frog heart in this order. But pherylephrir_e had no marked effect on frcg heart.
2. Propranolol, pronethalol, DCI, MJ 1999 and MJ 1998 reduced the contraction and the rate of frog heart.
3. The chronotropic and inotropic action of isoproterenol, adrenaline and noradrenaline was inhibited by beta adrenergic blockades in the following order: Propranolol ) pronethalol > DCI > MJ 1999 > M3 1998.
4. The accelerating effects of the adrenergic activators on frog heart were abolished completely or partially by the previous treatment of frog heart with the blockades. The action of isoproterenol was blocked more easily than that of adrenaline.