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A Case of Variation in the Left Brachial Plexus in a Korean

λǴ 1970 10 1ȣ p.109 ~ 112
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Author got a chance to observe a case of rare variation in the pattern of the left brachial plexus in a Korean female cadaver.
1. Six spinal nerve roots from C, to Th, contributed fibers to the brachial plexus.
2. Instead of upper and middle trunks, C5, C5, C7 and a part of C, made up of common large trunk and
the lower trunk was made up from C, and Th, as in the case of no .nal pattern. Without division
into anterior and posterior branches, the two trunks joined together to mike a single large fasciculus
which divided thereafter into the lateral, medial and posterior fasciculi.
3. A part of fibers from C7 ran into the medial fasciculus to join in.
4. Subclavian artery ran downward at the anterior aspect of the posterior fasciculus between the medial and lateral fasciculi and than the both roots of. median nerve.