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۸ ߫ ġ Prostaglandin E Actions of Prostaglandin Eon the Free Fatty Acid and Glycerol Releases from Epididymal Fat Pads from Rats

λǴ 1973 13 2ȣ p.7 ~ 14
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۸ ߫ ġ prostaglandin E in vitro κϿ ϸ
1. ۸ῡ epinephrine Ǵ ACTH Ͽ FFA PGE ʥμ Ǿ.
2. ۸ῡ 210^(-3)M dicutyryl cyclic AMP 10^(-3)M caffeine, Ǵ 210^(-4)M ߾ ATP ʥϿ glycerol ʥǾ. ׸ 210^(-3)M ATP 210^(-3)M cyclic AMP 10^(-3)M caffeine ʥϿ glycerol 210^(-3)M ATPӤԼ Ǵ glycerolְ 춸 Ÿ ƴϿ.
3. ۸ῡ cyclic AMP caffeine, ATP Ǵ cyclic AMP, caffeine ATP ܱ ʥϿ ʥ FFA glycerol 쿡 PGE Ͽ Ǿ.
߾ PGE adenyl cyclase cyclic AMP-stimuiated protein kinease system ϴ Ͽ lipolysis ̶ Ǵ ̴.
The authors observed the actions of PGEI on the mobilization of FFA and glycerol from epididymal fat pads of rats, in vitro.
The increase of FFA release by epinephrine and ACTH was lessened by addition of 100 ng/ml PGE1.
In other studies, glycerol released was increased by adding 2X10-M dibutyryl cyclic AMP with 10-M caffeine, or 2X10-.M ATP. Adding both 2X10 M dibutyryl cyclic AMP with 10-M caffeine and 2X10-M ATP made little difference from the action of ATP alone.
PGE1(100 ng/ml) inhibited the increases of FFA and glycerol released by ATP, cyclic AMP with caffeine, or ATP plus cyclic AMP with caffeine in every cases.
It is thus assumed that PGE1 has actions on multiple sites; it might act on the adenyl cyclase as well as on the cyclic AMP-stimulated protein kinase system.