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Vibrioʫ迡 ϼ Immunological Studies of Anti-vibrios Rabbit Serum

λǴ 1974 14 1ȣ p.173 ~ 181
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Vibrio comma(VC), Vibrio parahaemalyticus(VP) Vibrio alginolyticus(VA ж ʫ迡 Ͽ , Ϲ, ̿, ηҮж (Neisser-Wech-sberg test), paper disc ߾ ж Ͽ, 3ж ࿡ ־  ϰ Ͽ .
1. ж ʤ 12,800~25,600μ 3ж Ͽ.
2. Ϲ뿡 ־ ʤ ̿ʤ ʤ.
3. ηҮж뿡 ־ жʤ VC ־ 16~128̾ VP VC ж κ .
4. Paper disc ߾ ж뿡 ־ жۡ ۾ VA ϰ Ḧ κϿ.
5. ж 뿡 ־ 100~200 ʤ ж Vibrioж ࿡ ڰϳ ϸ, ж࿡ 춰 κϿ.
The author carried out immunological studies.of anti-rabbit serum such as agglutination test, passive hemagglutination test, complement fixation test, bactericidal test(in test tube and on nutrient agar plate), and cross agglutination test. The results obtained were as follows.
1. Agglutinin titers of 3 vibrios were 12, 800-25, 000 with no specific difference among species.
2. Passive hemmagglutination test showed a weak reaction with homologous serum and complement-fixing antibody titers were similar patterns among 3 groups of vibrios.
3. Vibricidal reaction of V. cholerae in vitro(Neisser-Wechsberg test) was positive but that of V. parahaemolyticus and V. alginolyticus was negative.
4. Vibricidal test on nutrient agar plate using paper discs impregnated with complement and antiserum showed positive but inhibition zone were very narrow.
5. Cross agglutination occured among 3 species and cross agglutinin titers were decreased after absorption.