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ܨ The Change of Central and Peripheral Temperature in Children

λǴ 1977 17 2ȣ p.149 ~ 155
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1977Ҵ4ź 10ű ݼߣݾܻ Ρ 记, ׸ 䮿 ܨ κϿ. ͪμ Գ ܥ Ͽ, ׸ Ͽ κѹ ִ.
1. Գ 37.00.49ɷμ 0.6 Ұ, 35.51.29ɿ. ׸ Ҵ.
2. Գ 36.80.76ɿ, , Ϣ˷, ܥ Գ ȷ Ҵ. 35.80.96ɿ.
3. Գ 0.6 μμ Ƿ ϳ ϰ ִ.
4. Գ 1.0ɿ, 4.6ɷ 󬰡 ū ˼־. Ҽ 记 󬰡 ū ִ.
Temperature measurements of rectum, oral cavity, external auditory meatus and urine as central temperature, of finger, toe and axilla as peripheral temperature in afebrile and febrile children who were visited to pediatric department of Busan National University from April 1, 1977 to October 31, 1977 by electric thermometer were done.
The results were .as follows;
1. Temperatures in external auditory meatus (37.00.49C) as central temperature were lower than rectal temperature with about 0.6C in normal newborns, and toe temperatures were 35.51.29C. The axillary temperatures were higher than external auditory meatus temperatures.
2. Temperatures in external auditory meatus in normal children were 36.80.76C, *but among central temperatures rectal temperatures were highest, next oral, urine and auditory temperatures in order of high temperature.
3. Temperatures in the external auditory meatus which was lower than rectal temperature with 0.6C, but high correlation coefficient between them was used conveniently as index of central temperature change.
4. Temperature gradients between auditory and toe temperature in mild dehydrations were about 2. 1C but 4.6C in severe dehydrations, therefore wide temperature gradients between central and peripheral temperature were suggested significantly severe dehydrated states.