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ߧ ڰڪ Ŀ μ ϼ Studies on the Microbial Utilization of Agricultural Wastes

̻ȸ 1976 4 3ȣ p.105 ~ 110
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In the studies of microbiological utilization of cellulosic wastes, cellulolytic fungi were isolated and screened out.
At the first stage, 221 cellulolytic fungi were isolated from different sources such as soils, humus, composts and rotten wood debris by enrichment culture techniques. In the second stage, 36 strains of fungi out of those previously isolated were selected for their cellulose activities estimated by means of fiter paper degradation, carboxy methyl cellulose liquefaction and cup method.
Activities of C-cellulase, Cx-cellulase and filter paper activity were adopted on the final screening stage and five different strains which are tentatively identified as Aspergillus sp. (strain No. AS-9), Penicillium sp. (strain No. KNI-1-2), Trichoderma, sp. (strain No. KI-7-2, KI-7-5, KI-4-1-1B) were selected for their high potency of C and Cx-cellulase activities.
When rice straw milled and treated with NHOH was hydrolyzed with the crude enzyme prepared from the culture broth of Trichoderraa sp. (strain No. KI-4 -1-1B), saccharification rate was obtained up to 26%,