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Composition and productivity of Chulwon grasslands

ѱĹȸ 1968 11 4ȣ p.30 ~ 36
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ϼ growing season living cover frequency ܨ standing crop net productivity ܨ ϱ Ͽ ϡ л, , ϱֺ, α 4 򢸦 Ͽ Ͽ.
1. л 45, 57, ϱֺ 45, α 39 ϰǾ ־.
2. л ϱ ֺ Arundinella hirta̰ Miscanthus purpurascens.
3. Ѣ Ͽ е ʥϸ ޺ ߾㰰 Ÿ .
4. ϡ Standing crop 142.4~332.9g/ ڸ Florida prairie 90.6~161.4 g/ ξ Ҵ.
5. Net productivity ö򢿡 17.2~77.Og/̳ ڸ Florida prairie 3.7~44.2g/̴.
6. daily productivity ö 0.57~2.64g/̳ Florida prairie 0.12~l.43g .
7. ϡ ڸ Florida Productivity ٴ ˼ ִ.

The vascular flora of grasslands in Mt. Kumhak, Moonheri, Sungilkyo and Kosukjong area located at Chulwon were composed of 54, 57, 45, and 39 species, the most impotant of which were Arundinella hirta and Miscanthus purpurascens. These two species contributed greatly to the standing crop of live material was in excess of 142g/ throughout the growing season. The peak standing crop of 332.4g/ was reached in July under flooded conditions largely as a result of the growth of Miscanthus Purpurascens and Arundinella hirta.
The net production of organic matter occurred largely throughout the growing season. The net productivity of the vascular component of community was in excess of 27.3g/ for one growing season.