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Clinico-statistical Observation of liver function test, C.B.C. and urinary findings in extra-hepatic biliary diseases

ѿܰȸ 1970 12 5ȣ p.25 ~ 31
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Multiple clinical experiments and reports have suggested that certain parenchymal damages in liver were elicitedby extra-hepatic biliary diseases in due time.
Authors examined patients suffered from biliary diseases treated at the Surgical Dept. of Woo Suk Medidal college Hospital for the past 5 years, form Jan. 1963 to Dec. 1967.
154 cases are studied in this series and following results are obtained;
1) In most cases, G.O.T. and G.P.T. levels were within normal limits. However slight elevation in both values was observed in the common duct stone and chronic cholecystitis.
In most occasions, G.P.T. levels were found to be slightly higher than G.O.T. levels.
2) Alkaline phosphtase was elevated markedly in the cases of cholelithiasis and choledocholithiasis. In patients with acute and chronic cholecystitis, moderate elevation was seen.
3) Total cholesteral was slightly increased in the cases of stones in biliary trees and chronic cholecystitis.
4) Total bilirubin levels over 1.5 mg% were found in 20.7% of over all cases and in the cases of chronic cholecystitis, 56% of the cases were found to be over 1.5 mg%.
5) Thymol turbidity levels over 4.0 unit was seen in 18.1% of over all cases and in patients with chronic cholecystitis, 44% were above this level.
6) Coincident pancreatitis were seen in 3.8% of the cases and jaundice in 18% of all cases.
7) In urinalysis, protein over one positive was found in 42.3%. of all cases.
8) Leucocytosis over 10,000/mm was found in 38.9% of the cases.