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μ A Clinical Study on Aged Patients with Acute Appendicitis

ѿܰȸ 1972 14 7ȣ p.51 ~ 57
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The present report is a clinical study of 51 cases of acute appendicitis in aged patients at the Dept
of General Surgery of Pusan National University Hospital during the past 13 years and 3 months period
from Oct. 1957 to Dec. 1970. These 51 cases of aged patients with acute appendicitis were analysed
comparing with 376 cases of the other age group.
The results obtained are as follows:
1. Of 427 patients with acute appendicitis, 51 cases (11.9%) were aged above 45 years old. The
youngest case was 5 years old female and the oldest one was 74 years old male.
2. The sex distribution in aged patient, same as in opposite, ws a ratio of 1 female to 1.3males.
3. The average duration of preoperative symptoms and signs was 3.4 dats in aged and 2.3 days in
younger group.
4. While the perforative appendicitis has the most high incidence(31.4%) in the aged group
catarrhal type of appendicitis (39.3%) in the other.
5. While the preoperative clinical manifestations of the appendicitis in the aged group were milder.
the degree of inflamation was more preceeded in the aged group in compared with that in the
younger age group.
6. The average leukocytic count was lower in the aged patients than that in the other.
7. the most frequent complication was wound infection on both groups that is 60% in the aged
and 47.1% in the other.
8. The overall mortality of these cases was about 1.1%, and there was no death in the aged group.