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ڪ MgCl ʥ LiF

Thermoluminescence of MgCl-Activated Lif Powder

ڷȸ 1970 2 4ȣ p.269 ~ 272
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99.98% LiF ǿ Ͽ glow curve peak 120, 220 300ɿ ִ. LiF ǿ 2%( 4%) MgCl_(2) ʥϿ ̿Ų LiF ޫ ˭ ۡϿ glow curve ϰ ۵Ǿ. ͪμ ĵǰ ִ LiF Mg, Mn ڪ trap ִ ˷ ̿ ̵ ڪ ϳ Mg LiF ̿Ү ߤ Ѵ. ̿ ̿ glow curve ٥ϰ Ͽ MgCl_(2) ۡѴٴ glow curve ν Ǿ.
Thermoluminescence(TL) from LiF powder of purity 99.98% was accomplished and this TL intensity showed glow peaks at 120C,220C and 300C. Sintered LiF powder which has an activation of 2 % proportion by weight of MgC12 shows strong increased TL and this characteristic of the glow curve was investigated precisely.
LiF which is used in TL dosimetry has been known to have electrons caused by impurities such as Mg, Mn, etc.
This experiment shows that Mg, one of the impurities, is definitely diffused through LiF crystals. The effects of sintering time were detected in this glow curve and it was confirmed that MgC12 also has a TL effect.