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Bacteriological Studies of Otitis Media Chronica

߾ 1963 5 1ȣ p.43 ~ 47
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In order to study the distrubution of microorganisms of chronic otitis media, 160 specimens of ptorrhea from 142 patients were cultured on blood agar, and 196 strains were isolated with two negative cultures.
Isolated strains were identified and tested for their sensitivity to antibiotics.
1. The bacterial species of isolated strains were classified as follows:
Staphylococci 43.9%
Pseudomonas species 15.3%
Prooteus species 14.8%
E. Coli 8.1%
Alcaligenes faecalis 7.7%
Diphtheriod 3.1%
Diplococci 3.1%
Streptococci, etc. 4.0%
2. Of 18 patients who have otitis media chronica in both sides, 15 cases harbored same kinds of organisms in both ears.
3. The percentages of sensitive strains were higher against kanamycin, neomycin, streptomycin and erythromycin than other antibiotics tested. Pseudomonas species and proteus species were resistant in high percentages to antibiotics other than streptomycin.