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A Case of Deep Cervical Suppuration Resembling Bezolds Abscess

߾ 1965 8 1ȣ p.95 ~ 97
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A eighteen year-old Korean male was entered to the Hospital with chief complains of high fever, chillness, headache, diffuse swelling and tenderness on the right lateral neck below the mastoid tip for thirteen days duration.
The patient gave a history of hearing impairment, tinnitus, purulent discharge on the right ear for 10 years.
On physical examination right ear drum revealed total defect with foul swelling purulent discharge and considerable amount of cholesteatornatous masess in the tympanic cavity.
On the day of admission radical mastoidectomy was performed.
The mastoid antrum was filled with cholesteatoma and sigmoid sinus demonstrated bony erosion with perisinus abscess. Deep cervical abscess was drained with external cervical incision.
The abscess cavity appeared to be communicated with inner surface of the mastoid tip.
The patient was discharged in good condition on fourteenth postoperative day.