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Vitamin C Ŀ ϼ

A Study on Absorption and Utilization of Dietary V~C

߾ 1967 12 4ȣ p.395 ~ 399
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To observe the absorbability of the dietary V-C in the body, the study was carried on the V-C concentration in the blood and urine after meal. The subjects, two of the nineteen years old boys were fed spinach, pickled radishes, tomato or vitamin C powder which were contained as much 200 mg as V-C respectively. The results obtained are summarized as follows,
1) Total V-C concentration in the blood showed the highest value at 3-4 hours after meal.
2) The highest V-C value in the blood was 1.89+0.13 mg/dl and it was in the saturated condition where as the total V-C excretion in the urine was about 47mg/day.
3) It seemed that the gut has a limitationn on the V-C absorption when a large amount of V-C was ingested.