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A Case of Reticulum Cell Sarcoma of the Ovary

߾ 1968 14 2ȣ p.119 ~ 123
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A case of reticulum cell sarcoma principally involving ovaries and fallopian tubes is reported in view of its rarity and interesting aspects of histogenesis.
The patient was a 45 year old gravida eleven house wife who has complained of vaginal bleeding and menorrhagia for last five months. About 31 months ago uterine leiomyoma was diagnosed clinically.
At the time of operation a large mass was found involving the right ovary and attached to sigmoid mesocolon. The mass measured 14X10X9 cm and homogenous grayish white on out surface with rubbery consistency. The left ovary was also slightly enlarged and both fallopian tubes were moderately enlarged with several nodular masses at mesosalpinx.
Microscopic picture of the main tumor in the right ovary and the pictures of both tubes, sigmoid mesocolon, and left ovary showed identical nature, composed neoplastic reticulum cells with abundant of reticulin fibers on special stainings.
It is not absolutely clear whether the lesion is primary ovarian tumor, but apparently ovarain mass was the major lesion and accounted for clinical symptoms. A brief review of the literatures was made.