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Some STS findings among Prostitutes in Wonju area

߾ 1968 15 2ȣ p.149 ~ 152
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Today, the increase in syphilitic infection has main become a great threat to the community.
In spite of that fact that many investigators have strived for the effective control of it, syphilis remains as a major and increasing proportions of the public health problem.
In Korea, also, there is a tendency of increase in the number of syphilis patients, especially among prostitutes who are the main source of the spreading of venereal diseases.
The purpose of this study is to present the incidence of syphilis infections among prostitutes, and also, to evaluate a serological test for syphillis, the RPR card test which was developed at this Department.
Two hundred and six sera of prostitute in Wonju area were examined by the RPR card test and VDRL slide flocculation test.
The results are obtained as follows:
1. 20.4% of 206 prostitutes were reactive to the RPR card test and 33.5 reactive to the VDRL slide flocculation test.
2. In the comparison of the results obtained by both RPR card test and VDRL slide flocculation test, it showed 83.9% agreement.