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X-Ұ 㿡 Ϣ Vitamin B_2 ֿ ġ

The Effect of X-irradiation on Distribution of Orally Administered Co^60 Vitamin B_12 in Rats

ֽ 1964 7 1ȣ p.115 ~ 117
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Present study describes the effect of X-irradiation on the distribution of orally administered ,radioac= ive Vitamin B12 in rats.
The rats were irradiated 900 r X-ray on whole body and were administrated COD Vitamin BI2 (48.3 /xmg.,-0.1 #c.) as well as in "unirradiated.control group.
The liver. kidney, spleen and femur were removed 3 days after Vitamin B12 administration, -and the contents of Co60 Vitamin B12 were measured.
The results are as follows :
1) The distribution of Vitamin B12 showed a tendency of increase in irradiated rats liver and kidney
2) The contents of Co60 Vitamin B12 were slightly less in irradiated rats spleen and markedly less in irradiated rats femur than in control group.
3) The results shows that 900 r whole body X-irradiation has no effect on the absorption of Vitamin B12 from the intestine.