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The Effect of Ginseng and Deer Horn Extract on the Oxygen Consumption and Glycolysis of Starved Rats Liver Tissue

ֽ 1964 7 11ȣ p.59 ~ 64
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The albino rats were starved for 72 hours, and the oxygen consumption rate (Q02), succinic dehydroge nase (SDH) activity, aerobic and anaerobic glycolysis of the liver tissue were studied.
The effects of the Ginseng and Deer Horn extracts on the Q02, SDH activity and glycolysis were also studied in vitro, and the results were compared with that of control group.
A comparison was also made with the normal rats, and the results obtained were summarized as follows:
1. The oxygen consumption rate and SDH activity of the starved rat liver. tissue (control group) showed a tendency of increase on 24 th hour, and showed gradual decrease thereafter. as time progressed.
2. In the control group, significant inhibition in both aerobic and anaerobic glycolysis was observed and anaerobic glycolysis showed gradual decline as time progressed,
3. Ginseng and Deer Horn extract added in the starved rat liver tissue brought an increase in Q02 and SDH activity and showed no significant effects in aerobic and anaerobic glycolysis.
4. Ginseng and Deer Horn extract added in starved rat liver tissue showed counter effect to the adaptation of the liver tissue in oxydative metabolism to the starvation.