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䮿 ۡ Fibrocystic Disease 1

A Case of Fibrocystic Disease in a Korean Orphan

ֽ 1965 8 9ȣ p.117 ~ 120
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Acase of fibrocystic disease, which is extremely rare in the races ,~~ ) foil1
pther than Caucasian, is observed in a 22 months old Korean orphan A of rl., Ntn}xl vit. A V,2, ONE
ho had suffered from long-standing diarrhea of unknown cause. The .,

stmoitem examination revealed marked cystic dilatation of the pancrea- 4 }XA n}X1 4V ,,M N1 9 o Vj r+
kLductules and acini inspissated with amorphous eosinophilic material, mil- Rati+ mpg11 ~ka}u1
ociated with marked and diffuse interstitial fibrosis resulting atrophy 01 O J 2 ft-4 HRN01 L ;
the pancreatic parenchyma. The- findings in other organs consisted 1 p~T)l lwt iftk1~1 of 4-t
bronchopneumonia with mucus rich inflammatory exudates in bronch- W1 *-Mxj ?a4(Lowe et al. 1948).
..and marked fatty metamorphosis of the liver. mei 4 1 124 9-
Ahe possibility of mixed blood origin of the baby, in view of being col)f a}l }~~;~} ~:~

rphan, was investigated. But it was proved to be a pure Korean