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Anterior Approach to the Vertebral Bodies through Parietal Pleura and Posterior Abdominal Wall as Radical Operation of Tuberculous Spondylitis

ֽ 1966 9 12ȣ p.43 ~ 51
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1. The authors have reviewed the history of spinal fusion as used for operative treatment of tuberculous spine; especially concerning spine stabilization, fate of grafted bone,. metallic appliances to increase further stability of the spine, and also, operative techniques used to approach the spine.
2. Due to limitations of anesthesia and inability to use electrical cauterization during surgery, a safe technique of anterior spinal fusion was devised and is described. This modified technique consists of ligation of the parietal pleura including underlying soft tissues and vessels before cutting parietal pleura along aorta for easy control of bleeding.
3. Many problems about treatment of tuberculous spine, especially the duration of preoperative antituberculous drugs, difference between pathological findings and clinical manifestations, many different operative techniques, fate of the grafted bone, and duration of postoperative immobilization were widely discussed.
4. It is quite probable that during the coming decade, some cases of scoliosis and other spinal deformities which may require operation, will be treated by one of several procedure designed for vertebral body fusion.