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Tumors of the Formen Magnum

ֽ 1969 12 2ȣ p.83 ~ 86
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1. The autohors present 3 cases of nearoflfromas involving the formamen magnum and atlas. The pertinent literature is reviewed
2. The most frequently occuring and significant symptoms and neurological signs are reviewed.
The outstanding initial symptoms in our cases were posterior cervical pain, suboccipital headache
and wealness of an extremity withe peculiar paresthesias. In all cases there were paralysis of upper motor neuron type in one or more extremities and objective sensory disturbance. The protein cotent of S. F. was increased in all cases and cervical myelograms revealed partial or complete
block of Pantopaque column
The removal of tumors were accomplished by means of a combined cervico-occipial operation, that is, a Subcccipital cruniectorny and an upper cevical laminectorny. After the operation all p 3tents made a satisfactory recovery.