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Գ 򢿡 ־ ۯ ġ ڪ ϼ A Phytosocilogical study on Grazing Effect upon Grassland in Qulpart Island.

ѱȰп 1969 2 0ȣ p.9 ~ 18
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۴ ( 700m) կ гϰ ʥ A. B. C.ᶿ (1x1)m ũ Quadrat 20 Ͽ.
޺, , , Ͽ ߩ ժ ̽Ͽ. ۴ 1968Ҵ 6 2226 Ͽ.
A. B. C ᶿ 카 Ͽ Fig.2 .
կ Ͽ 縮ܵ ϴ ͧ ѷ Ÿ.
Fig.2 ժ ̿ μμ ־.
3ժ(A.B.C.) ϰ ῡ 󬰡 ־.(Table 1)
3ժ A>B>C A>B>Cε Ͽ 縮, ׾, Ρڪ, δ׾ A ժ ޺ 4-group ܬ ־. (fig. 3)
A. B. C. ժ ޺ Φ£ ־.
ժ ͭϰ μ Ҵ. (Fig. 5) ? ϴ ⦴ ῡ Ÿ´.
߾ ̿ ֵ կ ࿡ ͧ꿡 Competition Ͼ ־.

This survey has been conducte by sampling 20 pieces of 1 squaremeter Quadrat each from the sites A, B, and C whose surface Disturbance was applied to equally, and those sites are located in the neighborhood of the temple Kwan-um-sa in Cheju island approximately 700 meters high at sea level.
Geology (the nature of the soil) has been estimated by measuring frequncy, height number of stem and standing crops on the sites and the community type was obtained by summed dominace ratio.
This experiment had been made made from June 22 to 25, 1968. The results as are following.
1) Plant Succession at the sites A,B, and C is shown in (Fig. 2) when fresh weight is used as an index to it.
2) Biotic pressures are intensive, the succession sere goes as following:
Miscanthus typePteridium typeZoysia type
3) The relationships among those community types are shown in Fig.3.
4) Those communities composed of three, types show remarkable differences in the quantity of the Plants (Table 1).
5) The total quantity of fresh weight in three community types has decreased from the greatest to the smallest in the following order:
The above tendency has reversly decreased with the case in standing crop, Miscanthus and other types of Vegetations (Table 2)
6) The relationship between the community type and vegetation has been classified into four groups accrding to the frequency of their appearance (Fig. 3).
7) The appearance of the vegetation in each community types has increased and decresed in quantity, in proportion to its frequency and transition.
8) The relation between the structure of stratum and standing crop has been confirmed in each community types.
According to the result of above articles, the phenomenon of competition in succesion sere among different vegetation on another has been confirmed according to the disturbance in the grassland in Cheju island.